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Finding the Right Mailbox

Finding the Right Mailbox

Residential and Commercial Mailboxes

Step 1—Determine Mount

Your first decision is deciding how to mount your mailbox. Decide whether you will be mounting the mailbox on a post, in a column, in a wall on a pedestal or whether the box will be free standing. Wall mount mailboxes are great for walk up service. Post and pedestal mount mailboxes are appropriate for curbside delivery. Post mount mailboxes can be in ground mounted (installed into concrete) or above ground mounted (bolted to existing concrete). Column mount mailboxes are appropriate for curbside delivery and allow homeowners to match the mailbox mount to the home aesthetic (brick or stucco pilasters, etc.).

Step 2—Analyze Capacity/Function

Once you have decided where your mailbox will be installed, analyze the capacity you need. What size packages will be delivered to your mailbox? Will you need a larger unit to store multiple day’s worth of mail and packages?

Also analyze your functional needs. Do you need the unit to include a storage bin to collect items being deposited into mailbox?

Step 3—Select Color

Our mailboxes come in a variety of colors. Pick the color that best meets your needs and home design aesthetic.

Cluster Box Units (CBUs)

The USPS prefers pedestal mounted CBUs for new housing developments. The benefits of CBUs are secure and efficient mail delivery in a centralized location. Mailbox Merchant CBUs are manufactured by industry leading, Florence Manufacturing. They are USPS approved and come in a variety of configurations to accommodate your building project needs.

Step 1—Decide the number of mailboxes and parcel units needed.

CBUs are available in sizes ranging from 4 – 16 locking mailboxes and 1 – 4 locking parcel units.

Step 2—Select style.

CBUs are available in three design families:

  • Vital—Basic CBU

  • Vogue Classic—CBUs with fashionable accents to give your CBU a distinguished, designer look.

  • Vogue Traditional—CBUs with traditional pedestal and finial designer accents.

Step 3—Choose the color and numbering convention.

CBUs are available in six standard colors and ship numbered (1 – 16 for the mailboxes and 1P – 4P for parcel units). Custom numbering is also available (1 – 999 and 1P – 99P).