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Say "NO!" to Ugly Mailboxes

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Say “NO!” to Ugly Mailboxes

Picture this: you are cruising down a road in your town, enjoying good tunes and sunshine. When all of the sudden, something catches your eye and you exclaim “What??!!” as you try to keep your car on the road.

What caused this ruckus?

An ugly mailbox.

In a world where homeowners spend thousands of dollars to make sure their houses have excellent curb appeal, the mailbox is often an overlooked aesthetic aspect that could be improved. Search the internet, and you can find examples of hideous mailboxes that people place in front of their homes. Our favorite is http://uglymailbox.com/mailbox/ugly-mailbox/ . (We will give credit to the creativity of some people!)

The reality is there are plenty of ugly mailboxes out there. Fortunately, Mailbox Merchant has a wide array of beautiful and stylish mailbox options for your home to meet your needs!

Mailbox Merchant has wall mount mailboxes, like the Special Lite Decorative Hummingbird Mailbox for those needing a mailbox near their front door. Or for those who are looking for a post mount mailbox to put on their curb to upgrade the beat up one you have now, there’s the Qualarc Provincial Brass Mailbox. Or if you find yourself traveling a lot for work or leisure and want to make sure your mail and packages stay safe, look into the secure dVault Full Service Vault that can be a free standing collection unit or put in a column to match the design and look of your house.

You don’t have to live with an ugly mailbox. Log onto www.mailboxmerchant.com today to make sure your mailbox doesn’t distract drivers!