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Spring Time Mailbox Project

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Curb appeals starts right at the curb, and that so happens to be exactly where your mailbox sits! So when you are looking for a project this spring that adds value to your home without breaking the bank, maybe updating your mailbox is what you should do!

With a wide variety of decorative mailboxes, locking mailboxes, and mailboxes that can be added to a decorative column, Mailbox Merchant makes it easy to get a mailbox to help add value to your home.

In a blog called Southern Hospitality, the identify that replacing an old or tired mailbox with a new mailbox can really change the curb appeal of a house. And when looking at other items, a new mailbox is one of the cheapest options!

So whether you choose a new shiny decorative mailbox or put a new mailbox in a column, maybe this spring is the time to spruce up your curb!

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